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04-30-2007, 11:54 PM
Alright, all you gym bunnies, come answer a question for a relatively newbie to the gym. I have this problem, you see, know as Chronic Politeness Syndrome. With CPS, I always want to behave in the "proper" way, and when I don't know the correct behavior, I freak out.

I've started showering at the Y because of the better water pressure and it saves me time. But is there a locker room code, etc? :?: For example, my guy friends have told me that there is absolutely no talking in the men's restroom.

And what about machines? I always watch out for anyone waiting for my machine and I always wipe it down afterwards. Am I doing ok?

I realize all this seems silly, but the CPS must have an answer! ;)

05-01-2007, 02:00 AM
:dizzy:Rules can make you go CRAZY!!:dizzy: LMAO! Especially if you are trying to follow the "guys" Rules for the Locker-room! :o

Wiping the equipment down is usually standard procedure at most Health Clubs. So that is a good thing!:)
As far as the Womens Locker-room goes, I usually don't TRY to start up a conversation with anyone, but from time to time conversations get started. Some (a lot) of people like to stay to them selves, but lot of others like to chat, be friendly.:hug:
If you have a question about something, ask someone who seems to be most familiar with the gym, or read the handbook. :D

If you cross some invisible boundary, believe me, SOMEONE will let you know. There is always someone who is there to let you know!! (ever notice that? But a lot of those SAME people won't open their mouthes to help!):devil:

OK, I am just tired, and I better stop! :o
The gym in our town in WAY TO EXPENSIVE! I tried it! But I couldn't keep it up!! I WISH I could have!!

Jennifer 3FC
05-02-2007, 12:22 AM
There isn't a whole lot of talk in my locker room, at least where women are dressing. I sense lots of people don't want the awkward eye contact with a naked lady. :lol3: I've made small talk at the bathroom counters, 'have a good one' passing through doors, but that is about it. Our showers have curtains so there isn't much room for talk in there. I wouldn't say it's taboo, but it's not a social point, either. I'm sure if you made small talk nobody would mind, and like Tonia said, you'll get the drift if they are in to a convo or not.

I drag a towel with me and wipe off seats and handles after I go, so good for you! That's always appreciated by the next butt in the seat.

I guess the biggest DON'T I can think of, is don't try and make conversation with people while they are actually exercising. Many people are focusing, or in their zone and don't want to break their stride. If you do want to say something, keep it brief, and look to see if they have headphones on before you start. I don't talk to headphone people unless I'm pointing at equipment to see if they are done with it. If you need help. most people don't mind to help you learn a piece of equipment, but overall, keep it light. :)

Hope this helps!

05-03-2007, 08:55 PM
I think I spend as much time asking my personal trainer about rules of etiquette (replacing weights, letting people work in on machines, etc.) as I do about proper form for lifting! If this isn't your world (and for most of us it's pretty alien), it's reassuring to have some guidelines.

In most gyms, using a towel on benches and mats and wiping down machines after using them is an expected courtesy. Put free weights back on the racks, and unload the weights on any bars or hammer-strength-type machines. (This is both so others know it's not in use and so that people like me don't have to try to tote great big weights off machines so we can use them.)

I've had short and long conversations in the locker room, while waiting for a shower stall, etc. Common sense (about not getting in the way of people who are waiting for space you're not really using, and being sensitive to whether others are keen on talking with you) will usually serve you here.