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04-09-2007, 10:41 PM
Recently one of the health clubs in my area started advertising this program called Thin & Healthy, the Total Solution. I have tried to find out reviews of it online but can find nothing. It looks like this program is always offered in an exercise facility of some kind and I wonder if anyone has tried it. I can't find out much about the program. Their web site looks good.

thanks for any info!

04-19-2008, 12:38 AM
JustBeelieve, I thinkyou are referring to Donna Kreech's program, various gyms offer it. I think it is motivation based. I am unfamiliar with the basics of it but she has a very good reputation in the Motivational industry and the respect of many of our peers. She sends out great newsletters and has a very empowering personal story of overcoming obstacles and is helping positively impact the world. I imagine that you will do great on her program.

The truth about weight loss, diets and any program you want to talk about is that ANY of them will "work" as long as you stick with what it requires of you. NOT all of them are safe, such as very low calorie diets, but all will work if you do it. What is perhaps most important is that what you do, you continue doing for the rest of and best of your life.

It makes little difference if we lose 100 pounds only to gain it back over the next 2 years, or continually fight the same 10 pounds on and off. making lasting changes in your habits, choices and attitude will have a better chance of giving you lasting changes in your habits, choices and attitude!

I wish you great success on your self-improvement journey.