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03-05-2007, 11:42 AM
In another posting that I made, I questioned how to delete sugar from my life (or at least minimize it to a 'friendly' level). Some people mentioned that in addition to removing sugar, they have limited themselves to only certain kinds of fruit.

So, I pose a question...

What kinds of fruit are lower in sugar that still maximize beneficial nutrients OR what kinds of fruit are you allowing yourself to eat so you don't feel pulled back to sugar?

03-05-2007, 11:54 AM
I barely eat fruit. Because of the high sugar content. It also has much more calories then vegetables and I like those just as much nowa days. Of course there are certain veggies also loaded with sugar, I try to keep those to a minimum as well. If you'd like to check on the sugar contents of foods you can try Nutritiondata.com. It's a great website full of information.

03-05-2007, 12:00 PM
No fruit is off limits for me. I do limit fruits to two servings only per day and no fruit juice. I also try to make one of my fruits a fruit that is high in vitamin c....like an orange, strawberries, etc.

03-05-2007, 12:12 PM
When I started, I really cut back on sugar but I didn't include fruit in my restriction. Fruit didn't seem to affect me negatively like refined sugar. Fruits are a great source of good things for the body and I eat them for their powerful nutritional qualities as well as their great taste. The sweetness of fruit helps me stay satisfied - they are like healthy, sweet treats during the day. Like Rhonda, I do watch the number of servings and I don't drink any fruit juice. I am happy to say, I broke my sugar addiction and don't seem to crave sugar like I used to.

To directly answer your topic though, I believe berries, citrus and kiwis are considered a low sugar fruit. I think that grapes, mangos, bananas and pineapple are considered high sugar fruits.

03-05-2007, 12:40 PM
Fruit is something that I do try to restrict myself a little, only because I can binge on fruit. I try to eat berries and also some citrus. I generally have 1 to 2 servings of fruit per day but usually no more than that.

03-05-2007, 12:57 PM
I eat it but not too much mostly berries in oatmeal....

Goddess Jessica
03-05-2007, 01:31 PM
I don't restrict my sugar in fruit because I don't find it to be a trigger with me (however, even looking at a real coke makes me salivate).

However, my favorite nutritionally dense and low sugar fruits are berries. Hands down they deliver amazing antioxidants, phytonutrients, which protect against cell damage from free radicals. They are a good source of vitamin C and fiber. Different berries offer their own song of nutritional worth (Raspberries contain calcium, vitamins A, C, E, and folic acid. Strawberries came in second to blueberries in the USDA's analysis of antioxidant capacity).

Strawberries have about 7 grams/cup and 50 calories.
Blueberries have about 14 grams/cup and 80 calories.
Raspberries have about 5 grams/cup and 60 calories.
Blackberries have about 7 grams/cup and 60 calories.

Hope that helps!

Mrs Quadcrew
03-05-2007, 02:26 PM
The fruits are not a trigger food for me. I just do better with weight loss when I limit them to no more than 2 a day. I am sure it is because of the natural sugars in them - so for my plan, it works to just have one (or two) servings of them a day. For someone else, they may be able to eat more than that a day and still have losses. Gotta find what works for you and stick with it!

03-05-2007, 04:45 PM
I only restrict fruit in the first week or two of "detoxing" myself from sugar. It's the first thing I add back in and I don't restrict it. I eat moslty berries and apples, and some bananas.

03-05-2007, 07:56 PM
I think SuperfoodsRX is a great guide for this, that is if you feel confident that what he recommends for a daily serving isn't a trigger for you to binge. Since the sugar in fruit is natural occurring, it doesn't have the negative effects on our bodies like refined sugar. I try not to deprive myself of the nutrients they provide just to "avoid sugar" because the sugar I'm trying to avoid doesn't even compare to the sugar in fruit.