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Default I ate a chicken!

I just got a crock pot for the first time. So I bought a Perdue oven stuffer, plopped it in the pot and went to work. At night as i was cutting up the chicken I started to munch coz SOME of it was going to be my dinner.

well.............i ate the whole thing :-(

It was about a 5 pound chicken. I didnt eat the wings at least.

so sad

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its a five pound chicken that has its bones in that five pounds??? cause i doubt you ate five pounds of meat??
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Hi dont beat yourself up..chicken is a good thing,and tomorrows a new day rosey

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Yes-with the oven stuffer they count the bones-so you didn't eat 5 pounds of chicken! Relax. I've been cooking crock-pot for years so I know hoe yummy it smells/tastes!
You'll be okay. It wasn't 5 pounds of mashed potatoes or buttered popcorn, or M&Ms.
You ate good food! The ladies are right, just START OVER!
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I agree with the gals - today is a new day & you can start over. And like she said........at least it wasn't M&M's or potato chips, etc. I do love my crockpots. I have a mini & a 6qt one. They are so great for really busy days. Nothing new here. The snow is starting melt YAY! & I hope it continues to do so until it is GONE! Can you tell I'm tired of it? TTYL.
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Thanks. That chicken was unbelievable. Since there was nothing but chicken, I'm hoping it wasn't too many points! LOL Anyway, next time I make a crock bird, I'll eat dinner before picking it off the bones!
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If you didn't eat the skin, it probably wasn't nearly as bad as you think.
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Mmmmm...must have been some delishous tasting bird...recipe please?
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LOL Sorry but I had to laugh imagining you chowing down on that impossible to resist chicken!
I've done similiar things believe me, that's why. Usually with me it WOULD be the M&Ms and here I am a diabetic! Actually since Dec when I was at my dd's house and she had them, I have been dreaming of cherry flavored chocolate kisses! So far I haven't found any but I'm sure if they ever got into this house that bag would be gone very quickly! I'd probably sneak them off to the bathroom to eat or something! Don't feel badly, it was just chicken...and besides, tomorrow's another day.
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Next time you buy a chicken, cut it up into 4 quarters.
Freeze 3 of the quarters.
Then put 1 quarter in the crock pot.
Later add 1 potato, a little salt, onion and garlic, and 1 other veggie.
That is what I do. Frozen raw food does not tempt my appetite.
And you will end up with enough chicken for 4 good meals.

You will have better balanced meals and much fewer calories per meal.
I also drink 8 ounces of fruit juice with my meal.

That chicken must have been wonderful!
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Well given that it had bones, and you didn't eat the wings and if you didn't eat the skin, I bet it wasn't that big of a blow to your diet. Just look at is as something that will help you jumpstart a new diet plan. Sometimes you just can't ignore craving. I sometimes feel if I deprive myself too often I would give up so I give in a bit and try to start back over - so long as you don't beat yourself up about it and use it as a reason to quit you'll do fine.
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