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Hi all I am new.

Real name: Michelle

Location:North Carolina

Marital Status: Married

Children: 2 boys ages 16&13

Pets: 2American Bulldogs 1male and 1 female,1cat

Occupation: I work in a diesel engine manufacturing plant


Weight: Post-op 335, current 245, goal 165

Date of surgery: oct.1,2004

WLS has changed my life. I am a much happier person, people say I have a different glow and my self esteem is beginning to come back. It has been gone for a long time. I feel so much better and have so much more energy.All the back and leg pain is gone along with the swollen ankles.I am so thankful to websites like these where people have been where I have been abd know the affects of obesity first hand.Obesity negativaly affects all aspects of our lives whether it be physically,emotionally or psychological. I in a size 18 from a tight 26 and I and so greatful to my surgeon, his staff,my family and friends that have supported me through this ordeal.
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