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I have to echo the thanks Meg, your posts are always so informative. I agree it is heartening in a strange way to have our own maintenance experiences confirmed.
Weight loss is so full of myths, half truths and theory expounded from anecdotal evidence, a bit of concrete research is more than welcome. I wonder if Liebel's research also debunks the notion of "starvation mode". I have always found the concept of being unable to lose weight because you weren't eating enough difficult to understand. If metabolic change only occurs once obesity has been conquered then is starvation mode a myth?
I also wondered if you were able to find any further information about levels of obesity used in the studies? I note that Mel's top weight of 182 probably meant that she was only ever reached Obesity Level 1 yet she has the same maintenance issues as Meg and myself who were over 200 pounds and probably classed as Level 2. Will Silverbirch, who at 5'4 and 78 kilos was only on the threshhold of level 1 obesity, escape a life of chronic restrained eating?
Although again this is anecdotal evidence I can't help but look at my sister and myself. We have both been overweight. I topped at over 200 pounds whereas she only ever reached 30-40 pounds overweight. Technically as obesity starts at a BMI of 30 she probably was obese but not as obviously so as myself. We are both in our early 40s and thin now but we both have to practice restrained eating. She uses different language to describe her situation "watching what I eat" "cutting back a bit". It appears more casual than my planning and journalling but it is none the less every bit as restrained and careful.
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