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Just a brief post here as deadlines are looming. (What? On a Sunday? Donít ask.)

Thanks, Meg, for taking the time to go to the lecture and to put together such a coherent summary for us. Very interesting knowledge, as my little sister would have said at age 9. But thereís something in there about terminology which Iíd like to get clear so people donít make the wrong assumptions.

Scientists and medics use a scale of different categories for peopleís weight. Itís something like: underweight, normal, overweight, obese, morbidly obese. These categories have precise meanings and arenít just normal language (where obese = very fat). Now Leibelís work has been done with obese and reduced obese people, hasnít it? So, the findings may not be true at all for Ďoverweightí people and it may not even be possible to say that they are just Ďa bit less trueí for overweight people. And not all of us maintainers (and lurkers) are reduced obese; some of us (like me) are in the category of reduced/reducing overweight (to coin a phrase).

Splitting hairs? Perhaps, but I think itís worth pointing out.

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