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Default Weightlifting To Raise Our Lowered Metabolisms?

OK, so I was kicking all this info around in my head while I was doing cardio this AM (and burning 20% fewer calories than everyone else ÖgrrrÖ ) and thinking about what this means in the real world. Is there any way that we can RAISE our metabolic rates that have been lowered by losing weight? Dr. Leibel says that small doses of leptin will do the trick, but unless someoneís got a leptin lab in their basement, thatís not available to help us out. Maybe someday, but not today.

Then I remembered the numbers that he had on the slides during his presentation: normal and obese people need 50 calories per kg of LBM to maintain weight as compared to the reduced obese, who only need 42 calories per kg of LBM. He didnít say for sure, but Iím assuming that LBM = Lean Body Mass. LBM is your total body weight minus the number of pounds of fat on your body Ė itís how we determine our body fat percentages.

Hereís my thinking Ė if we increase LBM, then we increase the number of calories that we can eat in a day and still maintain our new weights, right? More kilograms of LBM that need those 42 calories of energy mean that we can eat a little more or exercise a little less without gaining.

How do we increase our LBM? By adding muscle to our bodies. Every additional kilogram (not pound) of muscle in a normal weight person will burn an additional 50 calories per day, according to Dr. Leibelís research. For us reduced obese, with our lowered metabolisms, every additional kilogram of muscle will still burn an additional 42 calories a day. So we want to add muscle in order to be able to burn more calories.

How do we add muscle? By lifting weights. Strength training, bodybuilding, resistance training, toning, weight lifting, whatever you want to call it Ė itís all the same thing. Lifting weights builds muscle. More muscle increases our LBMs. More pounds of LBM mean that we can eat more food and continue to maintain our new weights. Itís the only way that I can think of to overcome the lowered metabolism caused by weight loss.

For more info about how to get started in a weight lifting program, visit our Ladies Who Lift forum here at 3FC.

And letís all head to the gym!
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