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I must say, I am surprised that you removed my post from your site! Seeing that I am the only grower and person speaking on this matter straight from South Africa; i.e. first hand knowledge!

Here we have pharmaceutical companies trying to monopolize the market with draconian tactics, like the people you mentioned stating that Hoodia does not work in raw form only extracted p57. Why all the fuss if it doesn’t work?

I have news for you; you have all fallen prey to a hideous scam.

Firstly most the Hoodia sold is blended or wrongly identified; thus no strength in their dosages. Secondly - obviously the pharmaceutical companies will push their extract as the only working one, since they have a patent on the working extract; can make money from all who sell it and would like as little competition possible to damage their market and monopoly. I thought this forum was a truth seeking open minded one? I am beginning to wonder if this forum is not a part to this draconian campaign.

In our country they tried to stop us from growing this product, saying that Hoodia gordonii is patented. This is not so and one cannot patent a plant; thus all the chaos and market manipulation at present to avoid a pure product that could stop their potential drug. Imagine if I patented a tomato plant and all across the world using tomatoes had to pay me royalties for eating tomatoes, ridiculous right? – Well so is the claim that only one company, body or entity can have the real Hoodia. Why would they push to have Hoodia in snack bars; pure Hoodia not extract if pure Hoodia does not work? The same company who said it doesn’t work in raw form signed a contract to do this snack bar idea with another giant? Incidentally it is interesting that the other giant is potentially part of the obesity problem, chocolates sweets and such! They want the market, that’s why and no one cares to oppose them.

This post too will probably end up being deleted; right? The truth hurts and many would not like their bubbles burst. I know many of you have been burned by ‘drugs’ for curbing your appetite and also their hyped up marketing scams. Too further this greedy ‘people’ tried jumping onboard selling what they claimed to be Hoodia gordonii. Thus I can understand your misconceptions and readiness to believe any suitable propaganda structure in your favor to support your ‘aggression’ against falsehood. But know this, just as you were manipulated to buy those drug companies and sellers of the fake Hoodia, so now you are being manipulated to forget about this obesity help called Hoodia gordonii.

(*edited to remove hoodia offer*)

My previous post stated my wife using this; I would like the mods on this forum to place that info, edited if must - and share it with you. It was a sincere post with no ulterior motives, same as this one - and it was deleted why?

I suppose, maybe I too am bias being pushed by large companies whom I suspect to control mush more than we realize, thus if my question whether you are part of this campaign is inappropriate, I sincerely apologize!!!
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