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Hi Suzanne and all, I didnt mean to imply that personal investigation was easy because its certainly not. Perhaps for some it might be, but it took me several years of persistence to gain a fairly good understanding of it within me. With a good therapist it might take less time. The more you learn and become free, the more you want to learn. And the information is certainly better now than when I started blindly looking around in the late 80's having no clue where to look.

I suggested personal investigation for head hunger only because on most weight loss sites, medically oriented or informal, going beneath the surface of head/emotional hunger and trying to solve it is rarely, if ever, mentioned. About the only suggestions mentioned for a weight problem are to lose your weight via a diet, then hang on for dear life so you dont gain it back. Of course it is not up the informal wl support sites to suggest directions for recovery. Yet the majority of people would be able to gain some benefit from looking around in their own personal puzzles as to the root causes of head hunger -- if that is what they want to do. No one has to do it, there is no shame in choosing not to, especially if the idea greatly frightens you. Or if you think its simply nuts. (Mild fear of the unknown is normal.)

As to daily medication, I was thinking only of Acomplia for head hunger, not wl or anti-depressant medications. For those follow your doctors recommendations. And Acomplia isnt available yet.

Is 'looking beneath' a cure-all for everyone? Of course not. Can there be benefit for most people, absolutely. And you are right, its not for everyone, especially if they are working without benefit of a therapist. But if one is relatively stable, and is still suffering from great amounts of head hunger after years, and they are willing, what is the downside of beginning to look? If there is an impediment to one's looking, they will find it soon enough. All it takes is picking up a competent book from your public library such as Mellin's 'The Solution', or her newer book, 'The Pathway', doing some reading and thinking, then deciding if there is benefit in it for you. Or not.

I do think however its worth suggesting to those who may not even know its an option for solving their head hunger. There are indeed good non medication answers out there if you look. I have known quite a number of people who investigated on their own, or with professional help, and made great strides in ridding themselves of most head hunger (no longer thinking about food 24/7, eliminating or drastically reducing binge behavior, etc). But like everything else surrounding weight loss, there are no absolute final cures, just greater understanding coupled with much lessened head hunger. Doing it was absolutely worth every minute spent!

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