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Actually I don't watch 60 Minutes all that often - I just happened to be watching Channel 5 around 6:45 pm (15 minutes before) and a clip popped up. Well of course since it's about HOODIA, I had to watch!

It was very interesting - even Jim watched it. The Bushman who took Lesley Stahl into the desert found a hoodia plant and she sampled a small piece of it - the next day she said she had no cravings and basically forgot about food even at regular mealtimes. One VERY interesting point made - I'll edit the post above, since the article on the 60 Minutes website was expanded - is that the active ingredient in Hoodia CANNOT be made into a pill:

The future of hoodia is not yet a sure thing. The project hit a major snag last year. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which had teamed up with Phytopharm, and funded much of the research, dropped out when making a pill out of the active ingredient seemed beyond reach.

Dixey says it can be made synthetically: "We've made milligrams of it. But it's very expensive. It's not possible to make it synthetically in what’s called a scaleable process. So we couldn’t make a metric ton of it or something that is the sort of quantity you’d need to actually start doing something about obesity in thousands of people."

Phytopharm decided to market hoodia in its natural form, in diet shakes and bars. That meant it needed the hoodia plant itself.
Along with the latest news on Acomplia, we now have TWO possible very real scientific breakthroughs on the horizon...and I think that science is purusing the right track - rather than trying to find a 'fat burning' drug that lets you eat as much as you want and still lose weight, which I don't think is going to happen - they're working on the addictive nature of certain types of food - the HEAD HUNGER which kills so many weight loss efforts.
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