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Hoodia may very well be an appetite suppressant, and could benefit the people that have uncontrollable problems with their appetites.

Unfortunately, it comes with the lack of testing to make sure that it doesn't have long term side effects or other safety issues. I would never ingest something that wasn't properly tested, any more than I would intentionally ingest a poison. My personal health goals are long term, and not just to fit into a size smaller jeans by next month, and mystery products don't fit in with that.

Besides, what is supposed to be so great about hoodia? It is possibly an appetite suppressant? Big hoowah, we already have those, that are well tested and any side effects are already known. See your physician for a prescription and ongoing monitoring, which you can't get by a mail order mystery product.

Of course a little willpower goes a long way, and appetite suppressants do nothing to address emotional eating, health problems, etc. Plus, taking any appetite suppressant does not cause weight loss by itself, so there is nothing magical about it. It helps you control your appetite, which is something completely different. There are other ways to accomplish the same thing.

We took a poll a few months ago with the question:
If a miracle drug were discovered that would make you lose weight effortlessly but the long term effects were unknown, would you take it anyway? Most people said no, that it wasn't worth the risk for a little bit of weight loss, that could be accomplished just as well without it. Hoodia fits this description perfectly.

My advice to anyone considering this item is to watch and wait. When your doctors recommend it, then go for it
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