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Talking We love you Suzanne!

Originally Posted by Suzanne 3FC
So people really do read the library posts

We've received thousands, literally thousands of email over the years, from people that wanted to share their own diet techniques. Of those that not only lost the weight, but also kept it off, most did not do it by low carb or any other specific diet type. In fact, I only recall a small handful from people that kept the weight off via low carb or any other specific diet. The vast majority of people that were successful (long term) did it by creating their own personal diet plans. They tried various diets, picked the bits that they liked the best, and created a pesonalized program that they could stick to for the rest of their lives.
No voodoo dolls or hate mail from me. I think what you said is perfect. What works for Jane may not work for Mary. More than anything I believe in making your own path and finding what you can live with.

Miss Chris

PS I read all of these articles
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