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I want to stand up for Atkins right here and now because Atkins has truly changed my life. There will always be articles trying to bash this WOE, so naturally I am rolling my eyes after reading the article.

When I grocery shop, I buy FRESH vegetables, eggs, fresh meats, nuts, and cheese. How is that possibly bad for me compared to the frozen pizza's that I use to eat daily along with the boxed mac & cheese, sugary cereal, and candy bar after candy bar. I use to LIVE on sugar and carbs, and I was UNHEALTHY! I was tired all of the time, had daily headaches, and indegestion, and now I have NONE OF THIS. It has made me into a very healthy, fit person, and I feel better now than I felt 10 years ago.

This is not a quick fix for me. I did not choose Atkins because I wanted to lose about 70 pounds, and then I would start buying the JUNK again, I chose Atkins for LIFE because it works for me. My blood pressure has dropped to a normal range, and I am HEALTHY! I take daily vitamins, and feel no effects from cutting out certain carbs

For anyone who wants to believe articles that bash Atkins, you need to TRY it for yourself, watch your health IMPROVE, and then you can make your own judgement.
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