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"The "good carbohydrates can be found in fruits, vegetables, pasta, bread, nuts, and cereal. So why is it that the Atkins and South Beach diets have declared even the "good" carbohydrates the enemy?"

Amazing that people can still write articles like this and be so off base. I guess this journalist has not even read the Atkins for life book because the lifetime plan is to center most carbs around good vegetable choices. I agree with Star that the outcome of following a low-carb plan is the re-training of the individual to avoid sugars and unnecessary carb intake.... (we don't "need" pastas and breads to survive).

Atkins: The body resets itself to where only 1 or 2 pounds can be lost per week. It is now safe to add some of the foods that were forbidden in the introductory phase.

... experts say that any weight loss that surpasses 1 or 2 pounds per week is not recommended. Not only is it not healthy for the body, but the risk of regaining the weight back should not be dismissed. "I don't recommend any diet just because it's something people go on and off," Fitzgerald says "When you go off, there is a very good chance that the weight will be regained. Lifestyle changes make much more sense."

There - it was said and I can confirm it - the weightloss will average 1-2 lbs a week (on a good week)....there are many stalls with low-carb but inches are lost during those stalls! And I too agree that going on a "diet" makes people think they can go on and off and that is just not a good mental game. Instead of dieting, I have chosen to eat the Atkins way for "LIFE". It is NOT a diet for me, it is a plan for my way of eating which I began last July. My bloodwork is amazing, my immune system is pumped - I have chronic asthma and this is the first winter in YEARS that I have not been sick AT ALL - and no need for my normal winter of prednisone to rid myself of upper respiratory infections! I am more energetic, active, spirited etc. My memory is much improved and I have noticed at work I am not as overwhelmed with multiple projects at one time.

I am not following a low-carb lifestyle for looks or weightloss... I am following it because I truly am getting healthy and I love feeling this way - even in a size 22!
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