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Damn it Slip, you made me cry!!! This is exactly what you were trying to say to me today, wasn't it? Perfectly imperfect. Digging for that next best thing, only to discount the here and now...

I've been plateaued for awhile now... Lose a pound, go up by two... Lose three, up one... I know that every body goes through this.. But it's not happened to me before since starting IP. Add in all the wacky changes my dr keeps throwing at me, and I feel like I'm going through the motions, but not having that focused determination I had 6 months ago. I've been hiding from the group, and it's hard for me to admit that. I felt like I would be letting you guys down if you knew that I've been wishy washy. I'm doing what the dr says, but that's not strict phase one, and psychologically, that meant to me that I was a failure at doing this "the right way" or "100% OP". I had to look at myself and reassess where I am.

I promise, I'll reach out... Especially when I need it, because what happened before wasn't fair to you as a group. You've all been nothing but supportive and for my head to think that you'd judge me differently because I'm not losing 6 lbs a week anymore...

Slip said it best, I'm at the point now where most of you started out... 87lbs to go... So what I'm feeling is how you all felt... Damn... I'm just glad ya'll didn't slap me during those weeks where I was whining about only losing 6lbs!!!!


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