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Hi everyone.. rainy here today. my 16 yr old grdd is staying a few days.. shes such a bright and funny teen,i love when she visits. she curled upwith me in my recliner and 3 dogs and showed me things on the puter that
was funny and entertaining. imagine this tall lanky girl all curled up and grmas loving it. steve has jury tomorrow so the grdd wants to play in my craft room,and maybe go to the pool. Prayers for Donna and will be thinking about her. Maryea I have cramps too,in legs thighs and my hands cramp up like claws. my dr took me off water pills and put me on potassium,calcium and magnesium. didn't help a bit.. I did some research on my own and discovered it was the Zocor for cholesterol. so I experimented and didn't take it for a week.. no cramps.also becuz of the bariatric surg the rny procedure I have whats called malabsorbtion so have to take sp vitamins etc to stay healthy. I have an apt to talk to her about the Zocor.. my cramps were very painful so I sending you sympathy..we all are knowledgeable about weight loss and exercise and how to eat right,we have to do what works for each of us and support our right to choose that. Hoping your week goes well with what ever plan you choose I will be your cheerleader (((hugs)) for all rosey

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