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Welcome Ellen, nice to see a new face.
Sorry I've been AWOL but it's my busy time. I helped SIL pack boxes for their downsizing move to condo. In 2 weeks they have to be out of the house, will spend more time helping them. Meanwhile I'm painting the back of our house. Bruce got 3 sides done last fall and left the two story side for now. We decided to hire a carpenter to put permanent siding on the dormer and North peak of the house. You'd have to climb over the roof with sand paper, paint and brushes to get to it and the roof is steep. We're too old for that, would end up killing ourselves. I don't mind climbing the ladder to paint the two story side, but not the dormer. I've completed 1/2 the painting and won't be able to finish until our rain stops. Next 5 days it's suppose to downpour.
We're off to the Y for more fun exercise.
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