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Originally Posted by canadjineh View Post
I've never thought of the IP plan as bland... there are tons of seasonings and herbs & spices out there that are IP compliant & have no sugars or fats or weird chemicals in them. Flavour it up with Mexican, Indian, Thai, Caribbean, etc. Nothing has to be bland, in fact that is the only way to stay happy on any healthy eating plan, including when you get to maintenance. You can always bring your own seasonings or dressings or flavour packets with you to any restaurant and not have to be subject to their whims. Just sayin' can take over the control of your meal.
I agree...when I am at home I can and do make delicious food that DH doesn't even consider "diet food". Heck, I can even make the little envelopes of "soup" taste fantastic...the issue comes when I have to order dry chicken or fish plus steamed veggies at a restaurant. The cook/chef will generally just make the food with no seasoning whatsoever for fear of adding the wrong thing. So then I'm left with salt/pepper for flavor...not worth leaving the house for, IMHO.

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