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I find that if I don't enjoy what I'm eating, I won't stick with it. I'm big on seasoning, but I try to keep all my seasonings msg and salt free and only use the IP salt. However, I do use a steak/all purpose seasoning that does have sea salt in it, but no msg or sugar. Without it and other seasonings, I'd never want to eat. Bland doesn't do it for me. Also, I don't sweat what seasonings they use in a restaurant, because I only eat out about once a week, and so far it hasn't affected my weight loss. Ordering beef fajitas with a side of sauteed vegetables is my go to order. I just skip the onions. I ordered that out with my sister & BIL and they were envious of my nice plate of veggies. I thought it would be hard, because chips, salsa and a Margarita are my favorite treat. However, my husband gets his Margarita, I get tea and I may take a nibble or two of salsa only (no chips) while everyone else is chowing on chips. I then thoroughly enjoy my meal. No guilt, no weight-loss stall, no going out of ketosis. I just drink lots of tea and water to keep things flowing. I ordered something off a "light" menu at a restaurant and the food was so bland and dry (because I couldn't have the sauce, as they were all fruit and/or honey based) that I ate two bites and felt angry and sorry for myself and left it. Yuck. I will not do that again. I will special order what I want - seasoning and all - without going nuts.

Since everyone's body works differently, I don't even consider that not 100%. Some people are more sensitive to things than others. I don't cheat, but because I have found a way that makes me happy and lose weight, I feel completely OP. I have a friend on IP that still drinks wine. She loses a bit slower, but if she didn't have her wine, she wouldn't stick with any of the program. She's okay with that. What you adopt as a lifestyle change has to work for you or you'll give up, right? I will have a diet soda once in a while, not because I really like diet soda, but because it is the closest I can get to a fun, cold drink while I'm out with my kids. It is HOT in Houston and sometimes you want to feel like you have a treat to beat the heat. They get a slush or milk shake, I'd like something more "special" than water - I have that connected to my hand 24/7. A diet soda with a lemon or lime or sugar free syrup is a treat.

I'm averaging 3.3 pounds a week, I'm SO happy. I'm also not missing things as much as I though I would. 100%? 90% Whatever, it is working and I'm happy.
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