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Originally Posted by NotCoolEnough View Post
Finally had my first weigh in! That seemed like the longest week ever. I didn't post the big numbers some of you had, but that didn't really surprise me. With only 20-30 pounds to lose, I expected it to be a bit less - but I'm down 3.4 pounds!

My coach did measurements first and (I'm going from memory here) it was 1 1/4 of the waist, 1 off the hips. Everything else was pretty much the same, but I carry my weight around the middle so that's where I need it to come off. My coach thought from my measurements I would be down around 7 pounds. Fortunately I'd been weighing myself throughout the week and knew that wasn't going to be the case. Otherwise I probably would have been disappointed with my 3.4. So, there's one benefit of weighing at home.

Now that I've kind of learned how this works, and what to do if I start getting cranky (eat something!) I think week 2 will go a lot smoother than week 1. A good loss week 1 definitely helps me keep motivated to stay 100% OP.
That's great! Congrats and great job!

I weigh myself daily and since i restarted on Monday, i am down 4 lbs; water obviously but still weight and bloating that I'm not carrying around!.

Hope everyone has a nice day!
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