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Originally Posted by floralshorts View Post
I hope you are at the top of the list too! It is annoying to wait on something you know is going to change your life, haha. Spend your waiting time getting in all of your favorite foods!

Today is day five of Optifast 70 for me. Yesterday went much better than the first three days. I have some Ketostix which test your urine to see if you're in ketosis - as of yesterday and today, I am definitely in ketosis. I am also getting a lot less hungry. I try to drink a shake every three hours.

My only problem so far is cravings! I know I won't cheat, but goodness, I am sure craving some pizza. I unfollowed a few food blogs on Tumblr because all of their posts were making me hungry, haha!

I know I have the will power to not cheat but the mental cravings are still there. I just keep reminding myself that cheating is not worth it. Which would I rather have... a slice of grease laden pizza, or a sexy figure? I think I'll go with the latter.
The bit about unfollowing food blogs on Tumblr made me laugh. I can see myself doing the same.

I'm still waiting but I'm going to call in the next day or two to see where I am on the list!!

Originally Posted by nibog
If you don't already, start taking a sugar-free fiber powder.
Not sure how much you drink, but ZERO alcohol is allowed in the program, start cutting back now.
Start drinking water like it's going out of style - minimum of a gallon a day, max 2 gallons.
Start taking small walks. Even 1 lap around your neighborhood. You can't do a lot of exercise on Full Fast to begin with, walking definitely helps.
Start a food journal, write down what you are eating, when you are eating etc. I keep a food journal for all my shakes and water....Every piece of sugar free gum is also notated!
Stop the "I hate my body" thinking - you are in the right direction of changing that. Start positives now.
Start saving up $$ - - bras are expensive and a pain in the butt - bust is one of the first areas you lose weight and you will need to go through a variety of sizes before you get to your goal.
nibog, I thank you much for the helpful tips! I did take them to heart and I'm trying to be a good little pre-Optifaster.

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