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S/C/G: 206/143 on my scale/143

Height: 5'3 1/2"


I'm still expecting my behind to knock stuff off the table or counter, but am slowly getting used to being able to squeeze through smaller spaces and curl up in a chair.

Not to scare you, but sometimes now I look at photos and say who's that old lady, I don't look like that

the trouble with photos is they can lie just like statistics. There's so much that can be from the angle, the lighting, etc.

I'm a size 10, too Abbi and close to your height, a little heavier, of course we're all built differently, I've been working on fitness goals such as c25k, 12 week exercise program, etc, it's really helped with feeling better, healthier and stronger.

I just finally bought a belt today because I see myself in the windows at work and realize I need to tuck my shirt in, not hide under it...

Wishing you the best
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