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Default Help: I can't stop binging and have gained back all my weight loss

Hi guys,

I am writing this at 1am as I am feeling terrible and disgusted at myself.

I got married in March and did really well with dieting, got down to the lowest weight I've been since high school.

Since getting married I have started binging lots and gained about 5kgs rapidly. I feel awful, fat, bloated, ugly, revolting.

Right now I have stuffed myself so much I can barely move, my stomach hurts and I wish I could make myself throw up but I can't do that.

I have struggled with an Eating disorder on and off since I was a teenager but it has been well controlled for some years but every now and then I'll randomly go through binging phases which I can't control.

I should be happy, I jsut got married, but all I can thnk about is my weight gain and how much of a failure I am for eating all this food

I don't know what to do. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated

thank you so much
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