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Originally Posted by nonameslob View Post
Whoops! I must have forgotten to fill in the chart last week. Added it just now, hope that's okay.

Riestrella I will definitely be interested in some suggestions for Boulder. Neither of us have ever been and we'll be spending a couple days there.

Not as much healthy eating while camping this weekend as I had originally intended, but with the amount of activity we did I'm hoping it will all balance out (17 miles of hiking plus we took out the canoe and the bikes and chopped lots of firewood!). The scale is definitely not being kind right now, I'm thinking/hoping it's my achy muscle retaining water...oh they hurt so bad. Back into the groove of healthy eating and normal exercise this week. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!
No worries on entering last weeks weight!

Well personally the thing I like about Boulder is just the general vibe. It has a nice relaxed atmosphere, the center of it all being Pearl Street. It's quite a nice strip with some great restaurants dotted around that area. As for things to do, a walk down Boulder creek is nice. Other than that there are some nice hiking trails at Ncar and Chautauqua.

My food recommendations (combined with a few from my boyfriend who grew up there) would be:
  • Southern Sun ( Beer & Burgers. All the beer is brewed in house. They have amazing BBQ wings too. Cash only! The website lists a few locations, but Southern Sun is best - more seats and better food.
  • The Mediterranean ( Tapas! Their happy hour is great, really cheap.
  • Zanmai ( Where I first fell in love with sushi! They have some amazing rolls, I'd highly recommend the number 9 and the dragon roll. But don't order anything from the kitchen if you do go, it's all about the sushi (boyfriend used to work here too so he'd know!)
  • Tahona ( Southwestern. I've never been here but the bf recommended it. Good flavour infused tequilas. There's also a place near Pearl Street called "The Rio", the food is really poor but the margaritas are amazing.

Hope that helps and I hope you like my suggestions if you do end up going!
Taking a break from 3FC, thanks guys!

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