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I am a sometimes contributer here I have not read The Beck Diet Solution but I embrace ladies who have clutter problems as I do!

I will list2 goals at least, because I have almost 3 weeks off and have no excuse not to.

1st - emptying completely, a junked 7 passenger van that has been dead in our driveway for..lord, almost FOUR husband then started putting stuff in it, treating it as storage..ugh..I would take a peek and then think NO way, because it wasn't even my doing but it wouldn't get done. It took up a huge space in our driveway, we had to shovel around it in winter, we have to drive 3 motorcycles and 3 cars all around it in's nuts!

I have learned to do some "pre-de-cluttering"..I have to be not hungry or thirsty..I have to wear comfortable clothes and boots/sturdy shoes (because of climbing in and around the van, the side door nor rear hatch don't work!) I have to bring out a big box for Save, a big box for Re-Use, and a big trash bag for trash; and I have to STOP after no more than 2 hours so I don't get discouraged and crabby. And I have to be prepared to haul away a good portion so it looks like I made a difference, so the Re-Use center has to be open and my car has to be ready to accept.

So I started yesterday, quit after 2 hours, and saw that I could easily finish in another day or 2! Got almost everything out today; took a load to Re-Use and recycling center (cost - 50 cents!) bags of garbage tied up and ready for Tuesday pickup; and did have to bring some boxes into the storage area of the house, but I'm okay with that. Called local junkyard and arranged for hauling away of van on Monday, and I get $100

I will be so happy to have that hulking eye-sore beast dragged out of here!

Second - my closet. I swear I do it every year but I guess that's kinda normal. Go through each hanging item and decide on it's fate. I also have my 'fit' clothes and my 'frumpy/chubby' clothes..I buy alot of clothes from Goodwill so I don't care about price. And go through shoes/boxes on the floor.

Hope it's okay I'm being a butt-insky
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