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How is everyone doing? I'm dying here with finals

Eating is challenging with finals but its mainly one thing that's bothering me and I was wondering if you guys had any advice. So with my lower calories I am often hungry. I eat high protein, low-ish carb, and high healthy fats because that seem to be the macro make up that keeps me most satisfied. The problem is when I get to a certain low calorie amount-nothing can keep me from being hungry. The problem of course is if I eat intuitively and don't experience hunger I maintain I'm not talking head hunger either, I mean actual physical, bodily hunger. It takes a lot of mental strength to get through sometimes, especially at night. So how do you guys get through the hunger? What is your take on bodily hunger? Lately, I've been trying to tell myself its not worth it and that I can live with a little discomfort, but last night that didn't work because I was too tired from all the school/work stuff to have the mental fortitude to back away. I'd appreciate any advice you guys have!
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