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Originally Posted by beachrunner695 View Post
They don't have them at my center - I asked because I thought I had heard of that being a part of this plan. I guess maybe I can go to the other center and get some? Or maybe I shouldn't if they're that good lol :-) When I did LA Weight Loss about 10 years ago (it is VERY similar to MRC) they had the bars - I think they called them LA Lites. And they were so good that I couldn't stop once I got into them - I remember hiding in my closet eating like 4 of them sometimes because I didn't want my husband to know I was cheating on the diet we had paid so much money for. I think it's safe to say I have a sweet tooth, so maybe I should just pretend I don't know about those!

This is going to get easier after blue menu, right? Am I going to get to eat more food? I don't think I've been full once since I started yellow menu. Can't believe I haven't cheated, but I haven't put one bite of food in my mouth that I wasn't supposed to since I started preconditioning. My hat is off to all of you that have been doing this for months - that takes a LOT of discipline.
lol you are funny and love reading your posts. I'm on my second go around and I still can't stay on plan. The green menu isn't any easier, on it you can only do either a starch or fruit but not both. Pretty much the plan only will allow you the foods you ate during pre-conditioning and when you do stabilization they start adding in one food each week for 6 weeks to see if any of these foods are trigger food to make you gain. Then they give you a maintenance menu to follow and you count calories

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