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Default Help dealing with hunger

Hi folks,
Not sure if this was the right place to post this, but it was my best guess. Please don't be mad, mods.

I notice that I am having a lot of trouble with feeling hungry. For now, I am on top of it, but I don't want this trend to continue because I won't always have such willpower. Any advice the members can give would be very welcome. I do notice a couple of trends about when I'm hungry.

I usually have a bowl of cereal for breakfast (Raisin Bran Crunch or something similarly innocuous.) I eat around 7 am. By 9:30 or so, I'm hungry again and need to hold on till noonish.

I eat my dinner (usually baked chicken breast and some veggies) around 6:30. Usually bedtime is 9:30 or so. I often find that I'm hungry before bedtime, particularly if my husband, who is also trying to lose weight, eats later than I do. (He's a night owl, so this isn't uncommon.)

At my height/weight, I can only eat 1500 calories or so per day to lose weight, and that's if I'm exercising (which I'm gradually increasing, but I really don't have much cardio stamina just now.) I feel like I don't have the calories to spare for extra snacking. What can I do to keep myself from wrecking my day's work?
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