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Originally Posted by archychick View Post
@riotgirl: Yes, you make a definite point about that and I do do that. However, at the moment it is too soon for me to give in. I need to stay on track a while so I don't fly off the wagon. lol

@Munchy: You know, I meal plan so tightly during the week that I haven't left room for extra food. This is a habit for budgeting that I've fallen into for the last 15 years. I see that I should be buying extra veggies and other ingredients to have on hand for such an occasion. Thanks for that! Yes, broth-based soups are really helpful. I was a total calorie counter before WW. What worked before (cal. counting only) no longer works now that I'm about to turn 46. So, I'm straddling the calories/points.
I do almost exactly the same thing as you - I've been meal planning/freezing cooking for over 6 years, BUT I do eat high volume, low calorie foods all the time. That means that my plans (with snacks) usually equal 600-800 calories per day, but I have the leeway to add in other things if I feel it's necessary. Before, that was typically a couple of glasses of champagne. Now it tends to be a serving of fruit and maybe some rice crackers with an oz of cheese. I only eat them if I feel it's absolutely necessary.

I count both calories and points too

ETA we have a 3fatchicks volumetrics thread with plenty of ideas on how to eat filling meals for few calories.

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