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Hi everyone! We just got home from the gym. I did only 1/2 mile+ on the track but then when I got to the only available bike it didn't work. Had to get help...and the second time I just gave it up. Managed to get in another few min on another bike but not sure how much I got altogether. I also did the hand bike 6 min and one weight machine.

We have a service person coming to fix one of our security alarm sensors that is not working. Not sure whether that in some way caused the wierd happening a few nights ago or not, but will ask him about that too.

I did well on my eating yesterday and my weight immediately dropped down that one pound it had jumped up. The only thing I am doing (on purpose at least) that is off the 1-1-1 eating plan is I am snacking in the evening still but did well yesterday at keeping it within calorie and carb limit as well as balanced acccording to 1-1-1.

Cajun - I like apple (carb), pb (fat) and some kind of protein...often cheese or milk or yogurt for me but could be anything that is protein you like. Celery with pb and some protein. I also use nuts a lot for fat. I eat no more than a 1/2 serv of grain and protein for a snack. When I'm at the mall (2-3 times mo) I get a child size ice cream cone! It has protein, carb and fat in one. and I throw away a little of the cone to make it smaller but really there are very few calories in the cone itself. Your weekend sounds glad you enjoyed it.

Wannabe - Hope you can get your bs down. Are you currently taking meds for it? This 1-1-1 eating strategy is really helping me. The doctor wanted me to go on an injectable med and I refused as wanted to keep trying. I was sure it was just my eating in my case and I was right because now it is getting so much better. Of course sometimes it is not the eating, it is the disease progressing.

Glynne - As long as you are moving, it's gotta help.

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