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Hi Cindy,

I think that I'll start by looking through some of the intuitive eating threads. Thanks for the tips about just eating more of what I normally eat-some things like oatmeal and yogurt I really enjoy, so maybe I can just start eating them without measuring (even though that sounds kind of intimidating!) haha

I prefer big meals to snacks anyway, so I'll probably try eating until I'm full and not snacking.

So, I just had an early dinner and ate without weighing/measuring anything! I let myself eat until I was full and then I got up and left the it normal that I'm freaking out a tiny bit that I don't know the exact weight of everything I ate?

I guess I'm just worried that by not counting calories I'm admitting defeat or throwing in the towel or basically just saying I don't have enough willpower to do what it takes to be thin....I'm sure this probably sounds strange, but I feel guilty if I'm not on an actively restricted plan now! Like I'm letting myself go or something.

I guess by not counting calories I can't feel like I'm in control at all times of my weight (even though this lead to obssession) and that scares me.
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