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Hello all! Sorry I didn't have time to write the past couple days. I am slowly getting back on board, but something interesting came up this morning. I just had annual routine bloodwork done for the medication I am on, and my psychiatrist's office called and said that my thyroid levels were low. I haven't heard from my primary doc (who took the blood work) yet, so I'm not sure how low my levels were, but I am hoping that maybe that is why I've only gained and had such an incredibly hard time losing weight. Not that I want to take yet another med, but maybe my thyroid has been the culprit. I will keep you posted.

ohiofreespirit: Happy to hear that you are taking one day at a time and hanging in there. Hope you follow through on buying a bicycle and getting outside. That would definitely help your mood! Our Ohio weather is still crazy, but hopefully we will have more warm days than cold soon. I can certainly relate to eating too much. I have had a HUGE appetite lately. Trying to eat only healthy things or resist eating extra stuff in that case is a real challenge.

Fi: I like your idea of a wall calendar with highlights, but I am afraid that I would be too hard on myself and not award myself enough highlighted days. I am so hard on myself that when I eat any extras, even if healthy or somewhat healthy, I consider it a downer day. I know, I know..... not good! I will work on positive feedback only. That, too, is difficult for me. But I can do it!!! Your collage with the fish is hilarious! Is that the real YOU in the pictures? I am also bipolar, but have only had one serious manic episode. Other than that, my mania typically manifests itself through irritability. Sorry you had that manic experience. Glad to hear that you are feeling better already, though! Hang in there and keep on posting! I love hearing from you.

1life2liv: to our group! So happy you found us! It is good that you finally found the meds that work for you, but ~ yes ~ I know all too well that it often comes at a weight gain cost. Same here! My depression is well under control, but it is difficult now to not be depressed about my weight. I am at my all-time high and my weight just seems to creep up and never go down, despite my efforts for awhile now. I recently lost 6 pounds on a new diet, which was the first weight I have been able to lose in YEARS, but I think I gained most or all of it back already. I will NOT give up on myself, though. I just HAVE to keep trying! Your drug and alcohol addiction major sounds so interesting and admirable, especially since you have personal experience with it. We have a lot of addiction in our extended family, so I am really interested in the subject, too. We need more good people in that field..... like YOU! How did your appointment with the nutritionist go? I might end up working with one, too, because I am in the same boat ~ really weight loss resistant. Hey, take that 8 pound loss and BE PROUD of it!!! You worked hard for that and your efforts will continue to pay off if you keep up the good work. You are probably gaining muscle, too, which weighs more than fat, as you probably know. Just don't give up on yourself. You deserve to be happy and healthy, too!!! Good for you for getting help with cleaning your house. It is OKAY to ask for help, especially when working as hard as you are. I say GO FOR IT!!!

Holly: Please don't berate yourself for feeling fat at 160! That was not my intent at all. All of our various weights are personal and relative to our own experience. I would just LOVE to be back DOWN to 160 right now is all I was sayin'! I dream of the day............ and I will get there....... eventually!!! The current book I am reading is called The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It. I haven't even read enough yet to recommend it or not. I go in spurts (of reading and non-reading) with my books. I have a hard time retaining what I read. I just hope to get ONE good piece of advice out of each self-help book that I read. I will let you know if it's worth the read. Thank you so much for sending me all of the !!! I sooooooo need it! Please keep it comin'!!! OMGosh, your boss is such a royal jerk!!! I can't believe he told personal information about you to a customer.......... and for that customer to then lay his filthy hands on you is just out of line!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear that you let your boss have it, even if he still doesn't get it. I don't blame you for feeling outraged ~ at both your boss and the customer!!! You do NOT deserve that kind of treatment!!! BTW, thank you so much for welcoming the new chicks to our group in my absence. I was so happy to see that you did that!

Semperfiddle: to our group! I am so very sorry to hear about the drowning death of your teenage son. I lost a newborn twin son to extreme prematurity 18 years ago, so I can somewhat relate to the intense heartbreak of the death of a child. I cannot imagine having him for years and then losing him, though! Understandably, you were devastated. I applaud you for wanting to finally move on and put the weight gain from that time behind you. That is how I feel with my weight gain after the death of my son and the birth (3 years later) of my handicapped daughter. I feel like I am finally getting my life back in order after a series of traumatic events back then, but the weight remains. I really want to lose the weight and move on. It is difficult for me, but I know it HAS to be possible, so I won't give up on myself, despite being very weight loss resistant due to several factors, including the meds I'm on and now, possibly a low thyroid problem (just discovered). CONGRATULATIONS on your 5 pound weight loss!!! Keep it rollin'!!! Good luck on beginning to exercise. That will definitely help speed up your weight loss. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Sending you a big hug for all you've been through! So happy that you posted!

Chelsea: Thanks for asking about me. I appreciate your concern. I am doing better, but really frustrated with my weight. I feel so incredibly fat most of the time and I am sick of feeling that way. I will assume you read the above info about my potential thyroid problem and the name of the willpower book I am reading. Don't want to repeat too much and bore all of you to death. It is so great to hear from you! So sorry that you feel conflicted and depressed and trapped in your job. Vent all you want here. We care about you and want you to be happy!!! Please hang in there and do your best to take care of yourself in the meantime!
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