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Default Steel Magnolias #75

Good afternoon, ladies! 42 degrees and rain. Monday we had sleet, yesterday was only in the 30s but tomorrow it's supposed to be 70. I'll be glad when we get settled into a real spring.

This is my busy quilting week. I have various bees for 3 days and then lock in on Friday. Monday I went to visit my friend who has colon cancer. She's had surgery and had so many side effects from chemo they had to stop it. She has such a positive attitude. Sunday I visited with another friend who had a brain tumor removed in December. It has returned and they have called in hospice and she isn't expect to be here much longer. It makes me very thankful to only have the problems I do.

Faye, I'm sorry you're having problems with your necklaces and dress. Jack will really love the camera.

Jean, the last pineapple I bought wasn't at all sweet. I was so disappointed. I can imagine how sweet and juicy the real thing from Maui must be.

Maggie, the church people must be very sad to lose you and Will to say nothing of the museum. How much fun to get just the right things for your MH.

Have a great day. Lunch time is over and I must get back to work.

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