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It was a busy day. Went to church, then out to lunch, then shopped Burlingtons and I bought a couple skirts and dh got a jacket, a yellow dress shirt and a matching tie. I didn't track today but know I got off plan tonight and ate too much. Tomorrow is another day.

Cajun - Love the idea of living somewhere where you don't have to lock your doors, but can't really imagine it. I do not live in fear, wasn't even afraid the other night but I do feel the need to take precautions. This is not our first strange happening, however we have never had a break-in of our house. We did have someone break into our pickup once though and they stole some things. We think we know who did it but he denied it. Even his dad said he probably did it. It was sad because he was a kid that had even helped dh cut down a tree and they had gotten along fine. Don't know why he did it...there was nothing of great value in the pickup. Oh and many years ago, when we lived in Seattle, someone broke into our detached garage and stole some tools etc. We lived near a high school and suspect it was teenagers.

Wannabe - Yeah thats a nice thing about having a dog. When our last dog died (she had a mass and we think it was probably ca), we said no more because we were traveling a lot. Right now we aren't traveling so much but we still plan to do more so will wait for a dog.

Luncinda - Loved your story about your security system and your son. We've accidentally set ours off several times, once the fire truck was almost to our house before they got it turned around. Don't know why they sent the firetruck anyway as it was the entry alarm that went off. Once the emergency remote went off without our knowing and not our fault and the police came. They were going to make us pay a fine but I appealed to the company and they paid it. And also our smoke detector (part of the system) is extremely sensitive and it goes off every now and then when we are cooking. Very embarrassing.

I'm off to bed now..very tired.

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