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Originally Posted by Butterfli3 View Post
I had my first WI yesterday, down 7.2 pounds! Excited for my clothes to start feeling loose!
Congrats on a great first weigh in!

Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
As for my event tonight, I'm not going. The temptation is to much to have a drink. I have been able to not drink plenty of times, I have resisted many urges for various things, I have turned down friends for happy hour and lunches out, and I have started going out for lunch and out to the movies and been capable of resisting, but I know myself too well and the one thing that sounds nicer than anything in this time of stress is a nice relaxing glass of wine or mixed drink. I want to stay OP I have a goal to reach for a trip so I will just avoid the situation all together
I'm glad you made a decision on it Amber. Sometimes we can drive ourselves nutty going between the "should I or shouldn't I?" and making a final decision is like a load off of us. Be nice to yourself tonight - take a hot bath, do something fun with your girls, sit and read a book, just anything you enjoy. I know it's been hard for you so you deserve a little "me" time.

Originally Posted by Slipfree View Post
Bella, I have used the WF apple butter on pork. Once on pork tenderloin, basted the meat in Dijon mustard put a couple of globs of Apple butter and added herbs Provence. I also made boneless pork chops baked in a shallow dish with sauerkraut. After baking, I added melted apple butter to the top. Both were good. Hope this helps.
Those both sound really yummy!

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