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I started my diet in January and I lost a pound per week or more – but it took me three weeks to lose the last pound.

I sleep enough; I never step on a scale when I’m on my period or the day after severe workout, I have a great new scale I bought in January and liked it until now, I don’t have any metabolic disorders and I try to stay away from artificial sweetness. These are my reasons I found that could contribute to being stuck at the edge of the 190's:
- It is true, that I fall of the wagon here and there - maybe every two weeks for a day, but always pick myself up and start a healthy day next morning and until now it didn't affect my weight loss in any noticeable way.
- Some days, maybe one or two times per week, I eat 1500 calories instead of 1200 and still call it ok.
- I don’t have a regular workout schedule. Some weeks I workout 1 time per week and some weeks 4 times.

I know none of them are probably the reason why I’m stuck, but I’m losing my patience a little here. It is true, what thirti4thirty said – the plateau is the most common time to get off the diet and I'm really afraid what will happen to my motivation if this goes on. I lost 13lbs already and I feel much better, but I’m not ready to quit - I’m not even out of obesity yet!
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