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Of course I'm not done eating yet today but wanted to pop in and tell you about my doctor's visit. After the gym, we immediately had our dr appts. I showed him how my bs are coming down (app on my phone), and he was pleased esp since my A1C has dropped down a little...6.9 from 7.2. He didn't mention my little weight loss (has to be at least 10# to impress him!) but he did agree I'm doing better. He encouraged me to lose weight but this time he said I am really not so heavy and don't have a whole lot to lose. First time he's ever said that...usually I leave feeling like a big buffalo or something! He explained that my diabetes/bs will get worse overtime and be beyond my control but for now to just continue as I am as long as I stay below 7. I know he's right about progression of diabetes....Biggest Loser and others have propagated the idea that just by eating right and keeping weight down you can reverse diabetes but that is not necessarily permanent even if you continue to eat right and keep your weight down....what he is describing is typical...he said where you start to notice it is in the two hours after eating and I'm already seeing that but not always yet. I think I can do a little better too with my eating still so will keep working on it.

Tam - So sorry to hear about the stealing, I know it's disappointing and frustrating since it affects your income too. It just shows that it is very true that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We are all works in process. We just exhibit it in different ways. Funny, (in a way) about the Bibles being stolen. I hope they are put to good use! After church when we stop somewhere on the way home, I will often leave my Bible in plain sight in the car and say, well, no one is likely to steal a Bible and if they do I hope they read it. Thank you for telling me about isn't even the weight loss as I haven't lost that much yet, but it's helping my bs and I just like eating this way!

Lucinda - I believe God has placed us all here to glorify Him in some way, that is our destiny, whether we accept it or not. For such a time as the story of Esther! I hope your fasting will be a blessing.

Cajun - I like 1-1-1 because it isn't a lot of rules and "diet" food. It puts me in control of my eating and yet it gives me boundaries. But they are easy to keep to because I am rarely hungry because I am eating so balanced. You do have to get used to what she calls a protein and fat sometimes. Like as a diabetic, I call cheese a fat. She calls it a protein. Actually it is both but the way she does it tends to help you stay fuller I think. The foods that are double doers can be used for one or the other (but not both in same meal) when on the regular program.

Just in case I don't get back. Here's what I've eaten so far. Because I've had a peek at the 150s I'm going to try and keep my calories close to 1400 or below now.

fiber blueberry muffin - carb
1 t. Smart Balance - fat
milk - 1 cup - protein

lunch - Costco
sample cashews - fat
1/2 slice combo pizza - carb and protein and little free veggies (see here's another nutrition educated brain says I should also call the pizza fat but since it isn't in the name I'm just calling it part of the pizza and making it my carb. That seems to be the way the author does it. There is a lot of flexibility with this plan...doesn't have to be perfect, just try for balance whenever you eat.

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