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Originally Posted by sarahBell View Post
Today I am doing so well (knock on wood) I have not cheated once and it is 11am.

I will be ok until dinner time hits and then that is the challenge for me. Please dup the on me- I'll take a few mega dump truck loads if you got it!

Also you can you please give some positive thoughts for my poor mom.

She had a break down last night. she (and my dad) have had so much happen in the past 6 months.

Losing their home to a tornado in Oct
Dealing with the insurance adjuster whom is dictating what they can and cannot put in their house that is being rebuilt.
Someone stole their dogs (they had 2 then one had puppies) and they found them but cant go and get them until they get their house finished

Then my grandpa died last month, then the straw that broke the camels back: her real dad (my grandma divorced him when my mom and uncle were young) died back in Dec. and she just found out from her uncle (her bio dads brother) who just happen to be looking at the area where he lived and found out via the news paper on line there. This blind sided my mom big time.

She is an emotional wreck she needs some +++ thoughts please
to your Mom, your family and you too.
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