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Hi, all!
I love reading about all the preparations for gardening. Spring - finally, I hope - is on its way.

Cajunlady - I can understand your excitement about your hubby putting his ring back on. I, too, run a small manufacturing operation, and also don't wear my ring. My Daddy, a Dupont factory manager, also said noone at his plant wore rings either. They can be a surefire way to lose a finger. So, when you resume wearing one, it's a pretty special experience. To be honest, I hate having anything on my hands, and I don't look forward to putting a ring back on, just because of the feeling of it!

My hubby and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to see many ruins in Greece. It was wonderful, with only one day of bad weather. The only thing is, between all the walking, and my overzealous exercising before leaving (for physical therapy) .... well, now, I have a case of hip bursitis. It is slowly subsiding, and a foam roller helps, but I need to build up stronger hips before I go walking miles and miles each day, over hill and dale!

Like others here, it can be so distressing to be otherwise fit in many ways, but have a joint that causes so much trouble. Oh, well, it took my torn shoulder cuff over a year to get really strong again. Hips look to be on the same timetable!

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