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Its important no matter what you do, that you have peace in your life and choices. Personally, I do not feel good or at peace about giving in to that candy bar daily, or even weekly. It leaves me feeling like a spoiled child that must have what it wants and now. The same way I don't allow myself to stay up late every night watching tv, or how I force myself to workout on days I'd rather not, or how I have to clean when I've rather be playing online or reading a book! lol I'm not perfect, and I don't always do what I'm supposed to, and sometimes I do let myself stay up late to watch a good show...but I wouldn't feel good, strong, disciplined, and responsible if I just allowed myself to do as I feel all the time.
I guess I see IE as a sense of internal anarchy. I did try it, but it felt like the way a child would feed themselves if there were no mother. Sometimes my kids will choose an apple, but more often they want to candy bar. I think most adults, even thin, fit, healthy ones will tell you, that candy bar tastes great! All that sugar is wonderful and evolutionarily speaking, we crave sugar and fat. Those valuable calories, when we needed to hunt our food and might not eat daily. But food is everywhere now, and I believe the IE is still being driven by those evolutionary adaptations. For me, I will never be at peace fat. I've been fit and healthy, before this pregnancy. It was the most amazing feeling. I loved my body. I think eating a candy bar when I want it, is not worth staying fat for me. However, never having candy again might make me crazy, so never putting junk in my body again is not worth feeling crazy...I suppose its a gentle balance, and you have to decide what is the right point between being able to eat what you want when you want it and being ok with your weight.

I will weigh in on fear of hunger on the other thread that was started.

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