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Good morning to you all. We are supposed to be near 80 and we even had the fans on overnight. Jack is having to sleep in the recliner because he is having too much trouble in the bed at the moment. He gets restless a lot because it can bother his knee to sleep that way as his legs hang off the end, but he can't sleep at all upstairs at the moment. He is supposed to go back to the dr on Monday and will probably be released then. He sat and did all the backlog of paperwork for his foreman yesterday. I guess he caught it all back up for him. He told Jack it was good practice for getting the foreman job, which they haven't moved forward on at all. They haven't even sent the questions they want to ask downtown to be approved.

I need to clean the downstairs today so will tackle that a bit later. I am almost up to the armhole decreases on the sweater so that is good and coming right along on the wrap too.

I am reading a new series of books I found at the online library. They are murder mysteries based on the celebrities of the 60's, the Rat Pack specifically. The one I am reading involves Ava Gardner. The main character is a pit boss that works at the Sands hotel, which was the main hotel the Rat Pack performed at. He keeps getting into trouble helping out Sinatra, or Dean or whomever with problems they have. Interesting and fun books.

Maggie: You going to try and get out on the road around August or sooner? I can't use Tide products I am allergic to something in them. The stuff gives me a rash like nobody's business. I use Gain and for stains I use Shout and have a portable Shout I take with us on the cruise so I can put it on any stains we get on our clothes while traveling so they don't set. I have used something similar to the Tide pen though for instant jobs and they are great.

Jean: I can't imagine having to count all those coins. Glad they decided to get a coin counter for sure. I imagine with better weather around the corner the gift shop may pick up too.

I am going to go take my blood sugar and take my meds then get some breakfast. Have a great day today all. Faye
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