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Good evening, ladies! We had a lovely day and nearly 70 degrees today.

Faye, you can find chair yoga and tai chi videos on youtube and just google it. Chair yoga I'm sure you could do. Tai Chi is very gentle but it is all done standing and I'm not sure your knee is up to it as some twisting is involved. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has several hundred poses. Pilates was started by a German in the 1920s mainly to help soldiers who had been wounded in the war. There are 34 basic poses. It is more difficult than yoga. I have progressed with my yoga but doubt I'll ever get beyond the basic in pilates. Horray for Jack feeling better.

Jean, do give the chair yoga a try. It's fun and good for you.

Maggie, its nice to have a place all ready for when you are done traveling. I know people will love your yard sales and buy lots for you have such nice stuff.

Have a wonderful evening!

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