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Good Morning girls

Mary...I watched the video about 1-1-1 and still puzzled about what you eat. Can you post a normal day's menu. Like what protein you eat for each meal, what fat and what carb? And how much in cups, ounces, grams, etc.

I'd like to take some belly fat off, I was 127.8 today. That's starting to climb again and if I don't get right on keeping climbing.

Glynne...Don't feel like the Lone Ranger about exercising. I've complained for years on this site of how I hate exercising. These people that get a high doing exercises really baffle me. WHY? We have a free membership to the YMCA which is 4 minutes WALKING to get there. I told my DH that I enjoy the walking over and get my HIGH walking back home after the boring exercises are over. The only reason I can get 1/2 hour in is because I bring my Kindle over and read the whole time. If we don't go 1st thing in the morning, we don't go. DH actually likes going over there, weird! So stick to doing it right away.

If I could make myself get right to that exercise first thing in the morning, but I get to puttering around doing stuff and I am on a roll with that ~ feeling pleased to be accomplishing things, and I hate to quit to do the exercise. Why oh why don't I like it better. It does not come natural to me. It is a thing I have to force myself to do.
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