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Thanks for reply. Though the BED eating recommenation was eat every 3-4 hours on the clock, I didn't find myself any more obsessed as I usually would be on a diet(another problem is when I am not compulsively overeating/binging I always feel like its a diet no matter what plan I'm on)...The good thing about it was I could eat anything which made snacks easy and portable like cheese strings and did not have to read labels for hidden sugars, wheat and flour which is going to be incredibly time consuming and stuff like that gets my brain frustrated and running to the nearest Mcdonalds
At the same time, the FAA plan makes sense to me because I do think I am a true food addict and certain foods are impossible to resist or eat one of.
I can literally talk myself out of anything and cause a bunch of confusion that keeps me paralyzed and not start anything but I think I will try this for a few weeks even if it is restrictive I hope it lessens the cravings. I will also take your advice in changing things up to see what works, but the plan is pretty set in stone, if there is sugar,flour or wheat cannot eat it. Even 1grm of sugar in chicken broth......and cheese and alcohol too Alcohol is not a problem but I like cooking wines to make mushroom marsala n such.....basically I will have to live with a bland diabetic meal plan but if it gives me freedom from overeating I will try it out.

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