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Zumba I was there where you are about a year ago and then something snapped in me on March 28th and I got my act together (for the most part; ups and downs all the way). -- I was really fat at that point, nearing 170 pounds. I remember the first day (March 28th) when I went for a walk and I was patting my belly; I looked (and felt) 7 months preggo. I remember thinking that gotta start sometime (and now I am 30 pounds lighter).... You will find your mojo, the time may not be right yet. You have a lot on your plate. Your divorce is fresh, new house and you are trying to find your spot in this world, in so many other levels. Be kind to yourself. Be forgiving. Harsher you are to yourself, more you will fail. -- Both of us are emotional eaters. -- I remember feeling so fat and sad and eating because it did not matter anyways; what's a few more pounds on my horrid body already was my mindset. -- Once I starting being gentle with myself and forgiving (in many levels), I started losing weight.

BettyBooty Congrats on your extra half a mile. Running is the best exercise!

Cattails It is good to surprise your body with different exercises.
How's your mom doing?

Magicsusan Happy Monday to you too!!

Chubby mum A very nice drop a week before! I hear you about the guests!

Wonder where are Heidi and Marlene?

I wish I was there to hug you!
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