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Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
I love the pictures and commend you on your yoga practice. I'm not so keen on your nutritional insights.

Alas i am not self disciplined enough to sustain a daily yoga routine, so i don't do it. But i do love to go to a class. They are expensive here though.

Hello Pattience,

Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for your liking my photos. I wasn't always that flexible. Just two weeks without exercising and I can't touch my feet again.Oh, I took a look at your blog I can see your really meticulous on your food. I think that's great and that takes great discipline to read and understand what's going in your mouth for the right reasons.

I live in Cebu, Philippines so the food here (in the affordable range) available is basically limited and not as nutritionally-specific like many of the US or other 1st world countries brands.Most of the organic foods here are very expensive. On the other hand we are abundant of many tropical fruits like coconut and mangoes. Also veggies like yellow squash and Ampalaya aka "bitter-melon".)

I personally practice intuitive eating. I only eat when I'm hungry and snack when I want too. The dishes that cook at my home range from pork, chicken to many vegetable soups. I personally find that any food can be healthy as long eaten to a person's preferred limit, don't over do it. We both know the result of that heheh. I hope I don't I sound weird but I'm happy not being deprived and starving so this method is working for me. I just make sure also all my snack are fruits and my preferred drink, water.

I'm sure the right routine will come to you and you'll love it so much the discipline will just happen by it's self. Just like your talent for cooking. I wouldn't worry about it. I try not to be too hard on myself if I don't push through on something. It's fun working on myself little by little.

Hoping to become friends,
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