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Originally Posted by infoplease View Post
In terms of re-introducing the kidney beans and quinoa...
What are you using for serving size and are you using them only at your "carb rich" meal (typically dinner)? Or, are you modifying p4 in some way?
I'm not sticking precisely to P4 protocol, though it seems to work for a lot of people. For lunch, I've been having 1/4 cup kidney beans each day with a big veggie salad that also has about 2-3 oz of tofu. More beans would probably be okay. I use 1-2 tsp oil on the salad and/or on steamed broccoli or butternut squash.

Usually I have 8oz of chicken for dinner, but will soon use the quinoa here instead--1/4 cup uncooked to start, with 1-2 tsp oil & some veggies. I have snacks of whey shakes & yuba wraps filled with veggies (that's the tofu sheets).

I use to track and also weigh myself each day--not to obsess but just for consistency and to get a sense of how the added foods affect me. I should tell you I've been on maintenance for 5.5 months--I'm still on the learning curve .

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