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Originally Posted by zoesmom View Post
Give me the weekend to look over posts and respond....but I think I am back in game mode.

DEEP breath.

Taxes filed.

Anxiety meds are finally helping with my moments on current medical crap. (and MAN do I have some crazy ones!!!)

And some higher power/fate finally decided to give me a break. ZoŽ is healthy as a whistle. Told we might need to look into....what was it...genetic coding?...and we need to do a follow up in a year to be on the safe side, but all in all, my crap most likely didn't go to my child.

Now, to get my test results in and figure out where I stand. I met with my GP yesterday and she spent some time going over in detail what my diagnosis means and what she sees it to mean (she is not a specialist and did tell me to get a second opinion.) There is no denying something is wrong with me. but, it might not be all that bad. Still a waiting game, but today is the first day I feel like I might actually be okay.
First of all, thank you GOD that Zoe is okay. That must be a ginormous relief.

Secondly, I am so happy you are feeling somewhat better about this whole thing. Just keep praying for a healing and keep movin' forward. You will be fine, my friend.

How is the ol' diet coming along? I know comfort foods are needed at times.
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