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Default Steel Magnolias #71

Good afternoon, ladies! 44 degrees and more warm weather on the way. In fact, next week we are going to have rain at least 3 days which is a lot better than more snow.

I got out and went to work today. Boss is going to be gone for a month so we needed to figure out what needed to be done while he is gone.

The Y is starting a new yoga class for those with osteoarthritis and I think I'll sign up. My neck, back and hands are getting worse.

Faye, I hope things go quickly for your pre-op and the commissary isn't too crowded.

Jean, I've always been fortunate to have a good car dealer that gets my car done quickly. Mine doesn't have all the bells and whistles that are available now so its a lot cheaper to repair.

Maggie, it must be hard to part with all the nice things you have acquired since you moved to KS for I know you shopped wisely. On the other hand, how much fun is it to decide what you are taking and where you will go. I know the church and museum will miss you and Will a lot.

Have a wonderful day.

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